A brave digital world:  Challenge Unlimited!

November 29, 2016 | Nicosia Hilton Hotel

Following Cyprus exit from memorandum and as the consequences of the 3-year economic crisis are being left behind, it is more than clear that growth is a one-way street for the country. And there is no doubt that digital technology may and should play the role of catalyst in all that! A brave, new digital world rises in the horizon, laden with challenges, opportunities and new potential.

Digital technologies are the essential tool for the successful confrontation with the new socio-economic challenges that Cyprus is faced with that influence the way to growth, i.e. digital and economic integration – increase in productivity – increase of employment – reinforcement of national coherence through access to vital social, health, education, safety and governance services.

Obviously, this is not just a theoretical assertion; it is a fact, also being proven by the parallel course of digital and economic growth indicators. The time lag recorded in the integration of digital technologies in the social and employment level, both in private and public sector, is not only due to missing infrastructure but also to the lack of a national digital strategy implementation. This path passes through the effort of supporting digital skills, which will help the employees’ transition to the new digital environment.

As a Gold Sponsor of the 8th Infocom Cy 2016, the CL8 team will be present and contributing in the following conference with various discussions, presentations and participation in the leadership summit. Come meet with us!