Protect your operations - critical data and business with flexible disaster recovery and business continuity solutions

Most if not all companies have a disaster recovery (DR) plan in place to protect critical infrastructure systems and business data. This is an essential component of growing a successful business. But when it comes to business continuity (BC) not all businesses have the same recovery needs and this why at CL8, we offer a number of managed disaster recovery services for businesses of all sizes.

Colocation Disaster Recovery

Overview of offerings

Disaster Recovery site services:

Many businesses have already experienced or will experience a data disaster and no matter how well prepared you and your business are, there is always the risk of something going wrong by way of data recovery. CL8 is available to provide critical support or even take part in the disaster recovery process as follows:

managed disaster
Hot Cold seat

Managed Disaster Recovery services:

We have a team of experts ready to support your mitigation plan, consult you on how to recover and assist you in meeting your recovery objectives.

Hot and Cold Seats:

Available to businesses undergoing a perilous disaster, CL8 offers hot and/or cold seats that are available for your personnel to mitigate your business’ disaster and ensure continuity to your operations.


There is nothing more important than staying focused during a recovery disaster. For this purpose, we offer many amenities to support you during this time including Telephony and Internet, Computer equipment*, conference room and kitchen area.
*Subject to availability

The CloudLayer8 approach

While the data center world is evolving rapidly, CloudLayer8 is committed to providing secure, resilient and protected infrastructure backed up by flexible, scalable solutions and nonstop service and support.

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