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Nobody can deny the importance of geolocation when it comes to colocation, especially in the process of selecting the right colocation provider. No two data centers offer the same experience, especially when device, infrastructure and networking technologies are becoming more complex and demanding. You have to understand what a data center offers to your primary and secondary environments other than simply a location for your data.

At CL8 we are intent on providing you with an experience that addresses and serves all the essential factors that a business needs to consider when reviewing data centers for colocation, including:

Tier-3 Data Center
99.982% availability of infrastructure services
Network Uptime
Multiple redundant paths ensure you’re up
24x7x365 Support
Our Network Operation Center is always on alert
24x7x365 Escorted Access
24 hour escort ready to take you to your server
Best in the industry cooling, power and redundancy components that ensure the most competitive electricity rates
Access control, monitoring, patrolling, procedures, protocols for entering and accessing building
Personal Account Manager
Personal Client Relations Manager
Managed Services
Need an extra help? We got you covered
We are experts in what we do. Let us manage the infrastructure so that you can manage your business
ISO 9001/27001
We take data protection seriously, therefore all our operations are compliant with ISO9001 and ISO27001
We comply with PCI-DSS for physical security and data center operations

Key benefits

Advanced Information Technology Expertise

24x7x365 Network Operations Center (NOC) effectively delivering you the first level support when needed, providing remote hands and eyes service if needed. Should you need something more than that, we have data center engineers, network engineers, system engineers and many many others that realize the importance of your IT needs

Redundancy over redundancy

Multiple Internet Service Providers (ISP) deliver online connectivity through at least two multiple paths over a series of different devices to ensure you always get traffic to your services.

Extreme Backbone

We have built our data center on some serious stuff – with our backbone throughput touching the limits of insanity, so that you can benefit from and enjoy speeds of up to 100GBps!


At CL8 we follow a very simple philosophy – we listen to the evolving needs of our customers and adapt to them. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business, we are flexible in order to meet your particular requirements. We build our solutions on a framework that we believe is most suited to your demands but that can also be easily adapted to your specific needs.

Flexibility and convenience are how we would describe the colocation experience offered by us to our customers. Should you run out of physical or virtual space, need a network speed of up to 100Gbps, a dedicated internet connection or a cost efficient point to point layer 2 connection, we can assist.

Some of our featured colocation add-ons are:

Dedicated Internet Connection

Lowest number of hops
to the ISP

Dedicated P2P Layer 2 Connection

Prenegotiated prices

CL8 Tier-1 Dedicated
Enterprise Storage

Based on HP Tier-1, best in class 3PAR storage system

CL8 Cisco

Yes, this is exactly what we mean. A dedicated Cisco, Nexus N7K for you

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