CL8 Tier-1 Dedicated Enterprise Storage

Based on HP’s Tier-1 Enterprise series storage, the 3PAR is without a doubt one of the elite storage systems in the world and we now can deliver it to you via a very intuit, user friendly, management console that you have full control over the space you rent.

CL8 Tier-1 Dedicated Enterprise Storage – Overview and benefits

Dedicated Enterprise Storage
Dedicated Enterprise Storage
Dedicated Enterprise Storage
Dedicated Enterprise Storage
Dedicated Enterprise Storage


Data storage that can scale from small-mid-sized businesses to the largest enterprises and service providers, for instant application provisioning and highest levels of service at a fraction of the cost.


Instantly handle workloads with 99.9999% availability and rapid, automated provisioning, hardware accelerated deduplication and latencies of <1ms, all within a single, tier-1 storage architecture.

Thin Deduplication and Thin Provisioning

0% performance impact on applying thin provisioning technologies; and space savings of up to 70%, all of which translate to a large cost saving for your business. Utilize every single bit of space on pre-allocated, reserved and unutilized free space. Double your storage without doubling your storage!

Management in your control

Due to its multitenancy design, we can provide you with sole dedicated management console access. Perform provisioning activities, run reports and sub allocate storage resources as you desire.

Storage Disk options

Since one size cannot fit all, you have the option to choose the storage disk type that best serves your needs. We have 4 categories of storage disk types including:
• General Purpose: Best used for files and backups
• Medium End: For the average workload server
• High End: When speed and responsiveness matters
• Premium SSD: When extremely low latencies and ultimate speed are required