Dedicated Internet

Businesses often require dedicated internet connections to satisfy geo-locational challenges and security requirements. For such purposes, we maintain low latency, high throughput, redundant connections with most ISPs in the region so that you can benefit from the best possible dedicated internet solution.

Overview of offerings

Dedicated Internet – Overview and benefits

  • Lowest latencies of the market
  • Redundant links available as option
  • ISP equipment termination in your cabinet
  • BGP level configuration
  • Configure your gateway network in the way you require
  • Dedicated bandwidth, guaranteed reservation
  • 99.9% Uptime SLA

What will CL8 supply to me and what do I need to do?



Selection of ISP(s)

Negotiations with ISP(s)

Termination into cabinet

Support for dedicated internet

Supply of networking equipment

Responsibility of networking equipment configuration and operation

Public IP addresses

BGP Advertising