Pre negotiated rates and provisioned connections
Enjoy the benefits of obtaining a dedicated layer 2 connection from the CL8 partner network.

Connect your data centers with a dedicated point to point, layer 2 fiber connection and benefit from the low latency and high throughput that layer 2 connectivity offers. Connect your remote offices and branches and extend your corporate network.

Overview of offerings

Most competitive industry rates (pre negotiated with ISPs)

Provisioning in hours, not in days or weeks

Instant termination to your cabinet

Downgrading / Upgrading speed on demand

SLA available from partner providers

When would you need a point to point layer 2 connection?

If you have multiple offices spread over a geographical location that connect to the same data center or data centers, the most efficient way of creating interconnection links between offices is by layer 2 networking.


If you have a server room that you wish to extend to CL8 over a low latency, fast and secured connection.


You have colleagues at offices that would like to utilize server / internet resources located at your colocation site.


You are looking for a way to enhance your security by centralizing IT resources into a central location over a fast link and eliminate exposures introduced at branch offices.