At CloudLayer8, we have combined the industry’s most recognized email protection platform with our experience and 24/7/365 support to create the ultimate email protection solution for your business.

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Most comprehensive email protection

CloudLayer8 Managed Email Security is powered by the Proofpoint enterprise protection engine which keeps your organization safe from email threats by enhancing protection with features such as antispam and antivirus protection, DLP, encryption, sandboxing, URL analysis and rewriting, policy based enforcement, connection management and many more, into a single, easy to manage platform.

Next Generation Detection

Get the best in protection against malicious URLs and attachments that can otherwise bypass antivirus and reputation filters to deliver banking Trojans, malware and ransomware.

CloudLayer8 together with Proofpoint will detect advanced, sophisticated malware attacks before they reach your network, including:

  • Other advanced exploits
  • Polymorphic and zero-day malware
  • Malicious attachments

Targeted Attack Protection

Leverage Proofpoint’s cloud-based analytics engine to effectively detect malicious URLs in email and block the user’s clicks before they lead to compromise using machine learning heuristic analysis to model per-user email flow and at cloud-level all traffic within Proofpoint’s Targeted Attack Protection engine blocking URLs before those even host activated malware using

  • Kill Chain Analysis and Preemptive Sandboxing
  • Anomalytics Service

Industry leading SLAs

  • 999% Service Availability
  • 99% Spam Effectiveness
  • 100% Protection from known viruses
  • <1 minute email delivery

And because all this might sound too complicated to you, just remember, we’re here to help, we will manage it for you!

CloudLayer8 provides the set of skills and experience required to understand and manage the overall email protection solution. CloudLayer8’s Managed Email Security is offered with 24/07/365 support to make sure your business’ inbox stays clean, even under the most extreme circumstances. You don’t have to be an expert on email security because we can simply manage if for you, so you can focus on your business.