Managed Services

For a great number of people, Information Technology is just a little bit known. Businesses like the idea of cloud, disaster recovery and security while many of these businesses couldn’t manage to implement those for a good reason (lack of expert IT support in-house). For this purpose, our team of experts is ready and dedicated for you in assisting your IT challenges and needs and help you get the ultimate IT experience you and your business was looking for. In case you already have an IT person or IT department in-house, don’t worry, we enjoy working with people that speak our language!

Our approach

Get the most out of your IT experience by pairing your business with our professional Support. Our support teams provide 24/7/365 hands-on assistance speeding time to resolution and helps keeping your mission critical systems up and running! We’re here to provide you with the know-how, training and tools needed to keep your IT investment healthy.

Targeted Expertise

IT has evolved rapidly over the last decades and subject specific expertise is becoming more and more demanding having a one person handling everything in an IT system. For this purpose, CL8 has the right subject matter engineers who can solve your problems right away and are ready to get aligned with your IT requirements and environment.

Our Approach

As your business is evolving, so your IT needs are. CL8 Managed IT Services provides a range of IT services to help your business keep evolving smoothly, such as:

  • Support
  • Health and Risk assessment
  • Best practices
  • IT staff training
  • User awareness