Without a doubt, the industry’s most desired sought after backbone switching technology, the Cisco Nexus series of switches is the ultimate networking tool that define network uptime and availability in an
unprecedented manner maximal way.

CL8 Nexus-As-A-Service – Overview and benefits

high performance1
dedicated virtual
cost eficient

High Performance comprehensive networking set

Acquire the most comprehensive network feature set in a single platform. Get high performance, high port density and a full feature set for aggregating data center level workloads in a highly resilient, modular platform.


Support your business growth with efficient scaling and automation. Our packages start with 4x10Gbps ports and expand to hundreds of ports with speeds of up to 100Gbps!

Dedicated Virtual Context

Nothing is more important than being the sole owner of a system that only you have access to, and within which you can decide on and perform any actions without limitations and restrictions.

Operational Continuity

The design integrates hardware with NX-OS software with zero-downtime capabilities. This means 100% availability, the true definition of uptime and continuity.

Cost Efficiency

Save hundreds of thousands of euros by obtaining your dedicated Nexus virtual device context from us on a month to month rental scheme. No surprises or hidden fees!

Options available

  • Remote Integrated Service Engine (RISE)
  • Dynamic Fabric Automation (DFA)
  • Cisco Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV)
  • Cisco FabricPath
  • Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)
  • Cisco Locator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP)
  • Cisco IOS Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)
  • Intelligent Traffic Director (ITD)
  • Programmability with Cisco Open NX-OS