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Get more for your infrastructure with CL8 Private Cloud

Virtualization technologies group your compute, storage, networking resources and allocates those efficiently between your virtual machine workloads for improved efficiency, performance, management and security. A single dedicated server is capable to run multiple workloads simultaneously while a pair or cluster of those will get you the redundancy and uptime any business critical workload deserves.


Rapid Virtual Machine deployment & instant provisioning.


Simplify management, backup, migration and day to day IT activities.


Put more in less by consolidating more servers and applications on fewer servers.

Scale as you grow!
Deploy a Private Cloud solution today and scale out as your business grows!

Private Cloud

CL8 Small Private Cloud

Get the hypervisor of your choice on a dedicated server hosted in one of CL8’s highly secure Tier-3 data centers. Quickly deploy, provision and manage Virtual Machines easier than ever, with improved reliability and efficiency and all with CL8’s experts assistance.

Private Cloud
Private Cloud

Micro Private Cloud

CL8 Small Private Cloud

Use the virtualization platform of your choice on several dedicated servers and allocate Virtual Machines workloads dynamically, shifting and scaling the underlying capacity of Small Private Cloud cluster by adding more hardware whenever is needed. Achieve desired levels of uptime, simplified management, better performance and all with CL8’s team of experts help.

Private Cloud

Small Private Cloud

CL8 Full Private Cloud Suite

Deploy the ultimate hosted infrastructure solution of your preferred vendor (VMware vCloud or Microsoft Hyper-V) combined with the respective orchestration tools required to get out the most of your virtualization experience. CL8’s Full Private Cloud takes your IT operations to the next level thanks to the stack of services included of this solution

Private Cloud

Full Private Cloud Suite

CL8 Planning Services

Private Cloud solutions are planned, designed, documented and delivered by CL8’s Managed Services team with the support of our in-house Architects, Engineers and Administrators and always with the support of your hypervisor vendor