Probably the hottest topic in the business world, security without a doubt is becoming critical part of a healthy business that uses internet. Hackers, malware, ransomware, inside threats, user unawareness and social engineering attacks are some of the keywords anyone can hear and read over the news these days. As years pass, companies invest greater and greater amounts in security technologies for establishing a proper defense strategy, only to realize that no matter what technologies are used, there is always a way to get exposed.


Our approach

Security products and services are not enough for building a strong defense strategy. Businesses need to adapt a new culture, where security technologies and solutions meet user awareness, understanding and acceptance that anybody could become a victim of attackers. Our approach to security is solution centric, where we identify a security problem or vulnerability and promote solutions to mitigate this vulnerability using a combination or products, services and the human factor.

Our solutions include and not limited to::

  • Basic DDoS protection for web services running on ports tcp/80, tcp/443 and DNS service on port udp/53
  • Advanced DDoS protection solution for businesses that would like to protect their IT investment at the IP level, by mitigating volumetric attacks of hundreds of Gbps.
  • The best email protection that the market has to offer, by combining the best Antivirus/Antispam solution (Proofpoint Enterprise) with the industry’s leading Sandboxing technologies (Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection and FireEye Sandbox Engine)