CL8’s VMware Virtual Data Center (VDC) is based on the VMware® Cloud Provider Program which enables the success of your public cloud by providing you with an OpEx strategy for investing in VMware infrastructure on a pay as you go, pay as you grow consumption model. CL8’s VDC offers a high performance and secure multi-tenant cloud infrastructure that allows you to grow based upon your needs and save money.

At CL8 we are passionate to deliver products and services that meet each customer’s needs, to offer simple yet effective solutions, and make sure that after-service support 24/7/365 is always in place.

VMware Virtual Data Center
Scale up or Scale down No hidden costs Setup in 1-2-3
Choose the exact virtual machine specifications you want with any CPU, memory and storage. Increase or decrease capacity based on requirements and budget. Use CL8 as your VMware provider with no upfront costs for hardware of software. Our pricing is straightforward, all-inclusive and predictable. No surprises! Send us your virtual resource needs and leave the rest to us. Your VMware VDC will be up and running in a few minutes.
Compliance Managed Services Support
We understand security and compliance because we have gone through the process ourselves. Our data center fulfils the strictest requirements. Our Managed Services professional team is ready to assist you throughout your VMware VDC journey, should it be designing, implementing or just keep an eye on it. Our Network Operations Centre is managed 24/7/365 by our certified and highly trained engineers, data center technicians and system engineers.


The VMware vRealize Log Insight ensures diverse log management that is carried out with sophisticated analytics, actionable dashboards and third-party extensibility. Before analysing the data, the system collects and identifies the structure of all log data in order to construct an index for performing analytics. This highly intelligent analytic system provides a deeper insight into operations for the performance of root cause analysis and faster troubleshooting across cloud environments. It also lowers operational expenses, as extra licenses are not required for this process to run and it comes with its own predictable pricing model.

When dealing with clouds, the VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus is the ideal foundation to get the best performance, availability and efficiency from your infrastructure. It keeps track and managers operations so that work flows can be implemented in a timely manner, big data can be managed efficiently, and so that work build-up and an overflow of demand is avoided. With this foundation in place, business efficiency is increased while operational costs are decreased.

The VMware VCenter Server Standard allows for the automation of a virtual infrastructure as it provides a centralized platform. It is easily set-up and is up and running in no time, as it uses host profiles or a Linux-based virtual appliance at the installation stage. Once in place, it ensures that resources are used to their maximum efficiency in a secure environment.

With VMware vCloud Director cloud providers can deliver Software-Defined Data Center services as complete virtual data centers that can be used almost immediately. All operations are therefore efficient and done with ease as the centres enable for the monitoring of the cloud environment. Operational costs are also reduced with the use of a single platform that can be used by multiple users.

The VMware NSX Base (vCNS mode) is the latest in proving an operational model for networking which creates the foundation of the Software-Defined Data Center. Once put in place, the NSX makes security and speed its top priorities. It can create entire networks in software to ensure cost efficiency and that business needs are met.


VMware Virtual Data Center

CL8 VMware Virtual Data Centre (VDC) service has tools in place to ensure that customers can recover their technology infrastructure and systems following a natural or human-induced disaster.

VMware Virtual Data Center

CL8 VMware Virtual Data Centre (VDC) service can extend your infrastructure into the cloud using the same VMware tools already being used at customer premises, development costs are at a minimum.

VMware Virtual Data Center

To set up and run, the CL8 VMware Virtual Data Centre (VDC) service, a small initial investment is required. It can extend customers infrastructure into the cloud immediately and the way in which customer pay on a monthly basis and according to the capacity used, makes the initial investment even lower in the long-run.

VMware Virtual Data Center

CL8 VMware Virtual Data Centre (VDC) service, is offered to customers on a pay-as-you-go monthly basis. The cost per month depends on the capacity used. This provides customers with the ability to plan ahead, budget and use the program as economically as they see fit.

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