Why Choose Cloudlayer8

Flexibility - and our approach to cloud computing!

At Cloudlayer8 (CL8) we follow a very simple philosophy – we listen to the evolving needs of our customers and adapt to them. To be flexible defines us as a business and is why we chose to include Layer 8 in our name. It represents the emotive human factor complementing the 7 standard layers of the OSI model known in the Information Technology sector, and it’s what differentiates us from the competition.

Cutting edge innovative facilities

All of our components classified as 2n or 2n+1 redundant to satisfy the Tier-3 data center requirements, while with the use of advanced technologies, many of our services run on green energy during a big part of the year

Carrier independent, neutral status

For many customers today, critical concerns for their business are the ability to maintain online connectivity and be operational continually. As the world transits to cloud, this concern becomes increasingly dominant. At CL8, we have created a carrier independent internet connectivity mesh, routed through multiple ISPs and over a number of redundant paths, meaning internet connectivity downtime ceases to become a worry.

We take data security seriously

We implement a range of security measures to ensure that no unauthorized access to your data can occur. This includes the use of cameras, intrusion detection systems, alarms, multi factor authentication systems and man traps, among others. At CL8, all of our operations adhere to ISO27001 (Information Security Management System) standards and we are fully compliant with PCI-DSS 3.2 in terms of physical security.

We only hire the best

CL8 staff is composed of industry professionals who are fully trained and certified by reputable accreditation institutions to ensure that consistently high quality service and solutions are delivered. Our training requirements include regularly updating scope of knowledge and information and, staying abreast of new technologies and advancements before they have even been released into the public domain.

We are passionate

We truly believe in and love what we do. We are driven to make the cloud experience better by blending the core intrinsic needs of the market with industry trends. Our roadmap has a beginning, but no end and we’re devoted to expanding our offerings relentlessly.