Product Description

Product description

Experience the essence of secure, stable, and profitable Linux, with CloudLinux OS – a superbe commercially-supported Linux Operating System optimized for your needs, that ensures spikes in resource usage won’t take down your entire server.

The most common reason for downtime in shared hosting is a single account hogging most of the resources. To improve server stability, CloudLinux encapsulates each client in a secure, isolated environment by using a feature called LVE (LightWeight Virtual Environment). Each LVE is allocated a limited amount of resources (memory, CPU, etc.) so that in the event of a particular account receiving a sudden increase in traffic or resource usage, rather than slowing the entire server it is only that particular LVE that slows down instead.

Combining in-depth technical knowledge of hosting, kernel development, and open source, CloudLinux is designed to give shared hosting providers a more stable and secure OS, implements features to enable system administrators to take fine-grained control of their server’s resource usage and ensure that problems from one account won’t affect the others.

Major Benefits

  • Isolates the users from each other to avoid neighbor effect
  • Prevents users from seeing configuration files or any other private information
  • Allows monitoring and controlling limits, such as CPU, RAM and I/O usage
  • Monitors and operates MySQL usage
  • Provides CageFS file system that uniquely encapsulates each customer
  • Allows end-users to select PHP versions 5.2-5.6; 7.0-7.4.
  • Prevents symbolic links attacks
  • Compatible with all major control panels

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Unique Selling Points

Isolate misbehaving websites
Support for multiple PHP versions
Performance bottlenecks detection
Out of the box ready solution
Server performance monitoring tool
Easy server administration interface


  • CageFS
  • Hardened PHP
  • LVE Manager
  • Mod_Lsapi
  • MySQL Governor
  • PHP performance tracking tool
  • PHP Selector
  • Python Selector
  • Ruby Selector

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