Product Description

Product description

Let’s get things straight – it is absolutely critical for organizations of any size to pay proper attention when picking their Antivirus / Antimalware security solution. 

Your business deserves the most innovative technologies that predict, prevent, detect and remove even the latest cyber-threats and malware, which is why CL8 makes sure to provide tested and proven industry-leading Antivirus Security Solutions powered by the award-winning – Bitdefender.

Managed from a single centralized MSP console, our Bitdefender security solutions provide Risk Analytics, Hardening, Next-gen AV, and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). Stay on top of the emerging cyber threats, reduce overhead and grow with one integrated, #1-rated AV and most comprehensive MSP security platform.

Some major benefits of Bitdefender GravityZone Cloud MSP Security include:

  • A complete and highly advanced combination of Antivirus/Antimalware
  • Machine Learning Threat Prevention that blocks elusive new threats with minimum false positives
  • Exploit Defense
  • Continuous Process Monitoring with Advanced Threat Control (ATC)
  • Network Attack Defense 

CL8 also offers more advanced Bitdefender Optional Security Layers, such as Full Disk Encryption to prevent compromise of confidential data when laptops are stolen and help demonstrate compliance with HIPAA, GDPR and other regulations, as well as Email Security capable of protecting any cloud or on-premise email system from spam, phishing, malware, sophisticated or targeted attacks.

Features and Benefits

    • Risk Analytics
    • Patch Management Interface
    • Full Disk Encryption
    • Web Threat Protection
    • Content filtering and control
    • Automated Disinfection and Removal
    • Cloud Sandbox Analyzer
    • External Device Control
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Unique Selling Points

Complete cybersecurity suite, not just antivirus
Consistently ranked #1 for performance, demonstrating the lowest resource footprint
One MSP Security for physical, virtual, and cloud workloads
Multitenant cloud console, monthly usage-based licensing, powerful APIs
Mature machine learning, developed over 10+ years
Consistently ranked #1 for detection; prevents ransomware and advanced threats

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  • What is Bitdefender Cloud Security for MSP?

    Bitdefender Cloud Security for MSP is a next-generation security suite designed to help service providers protect customers’ endpoints against ransomware, zero-day malware, fileless attacks, and other sophisticated threats.

  • Bitdefender Cloud Security for MSP protects: Windows, Macs and Linux, physical and virtual workstations and servers.

    • Full Disk Encryption prevents loss of sensitive information and helps meet data regulations.
    • Security for Exchange protects employees from email malware and spam.
    • Security for Virtualized Environments delivers the best performance security for virtual machines.
    • Patch Management simplifies patching efforts and mitigates application vulnerabilities.
    • Advanced Threat Security (HyperDetect and Sandbox Analyzer) includes tunable machine learning and cloud sandboxing to protect against fileless and other advanced attacks with threat context and visibility.
    • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) looks for anomalies and offers early visibility into advanced attacks, indicators of compromise (IOCs), one-click threat investigation and incident response workflows.
  • Refer to this KB article for information about how each of the MSP optional security offerings are licensed and how you can get the monthly usage information.

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