Product Description

Product description

For organisations using FTP in their daily endeavours, the FTP Cloud Storage Solution is a legitimate archiving and backup method that can easily be introduced into their workflow.

If you’re shopping for a file transfer solution focused on data security, cost, convenience and scalability, you’ll find FTP Storage to be the perfect blend between all the convenience and benefits of using a cloud solution with the basic functionality of FTP.


  • Enable remote work and access to your FTP solution
  • CL8 will take care of housing, managing and securing your FTP server


  • With CL8 your FTP/FTPS server is housed in a highly secure state-of-the-art Tier-III Data Center
  • Our team of experts is available 24/7/365 for support and works around the clock to keep your data safe


  • No need for major investments in servers, hardware and their required maintenance costs
  • Get the plan best suited to your company’s needs with a basic monthly fee


  • Unlike an on-site FTP where you may not have the storage to immediately support your growth, an FTP cloud storage solution enables you to instantly add or reduce storage and the number of users based on your business needs.

FTP Cloud Storage starts from €0.04 / GB

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Features and Benefits

    • Easily Expandable Storage
    • Multiple FTP users
    • Archive & Store Any Files
    • Unlimited File Size Limit
    • Access Your Files Anywhere
    • Easily Integrated
€0.04 /per GB Order Now

If you have specific needs or requirements contact us so we can provide a more tailor made solution for you.

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