Product Description

Product description

Grow your business confidently, by entrusting your data to a secure, certified and compliant cloud provider. 

We offer scalable, flexible, customizable, and safe dedicated Private Cloud solutions that will grow and adapt along with your business.

Unlock your organization’s potential, while keeping your data safe in our Uptime Institute Certified  Tier III Facility, compliant with PCI-DSS, ISO 9001 & 27001 Certifications, as well as 24/7/365 On-site physical security and NOC support.


As a Managed Service, CL8’s Private Cloud solutions are planned, designed, documented and delivered by a team of in-house Architects, Engineers and Administrators with the support of your preferred hypervisor vendor. 


Increase productivity, reduce costs and scale as you grow your business with our Private Cloud solutions – all that with the support of our certified & highly-trained team of experts.

CL8 Micro Private Cloud

Pick one of the industry leading hypervisors (i.e.: Xen, VMware, Hyper-V, ESXi, KVM) and get them on a Dedicated Server hosted in our high security Tier-III Certified Data Center. Managing your Virtual Machines is easier than ever; our certified team of industry professionals can assist you to quickly deploy, provision and manage your VMs with improved reliability and efficiency.

CL8 Small Private Cloud

Use the virtualization platform of your choice on several dedicated servers and allocate Virtual Machine workloads dynamically, shifting and scaling the underlying capacity of Small Private Cloud cluster by adding more hardware whenever is needed. Achieve desired levels of uptime, simplified management and better performance.

CL8 Full Private Cloud Suite

Take your IT Operations to the next level. Pick amongst industry leaders – VMware vCloud or Microsoft Hyper-V – and deploy the ultimate hosted infrastructure solution of your preferred vendor, combined with the respective orchestration tools required to get the most out of your virtualization experience.

Unique Selling Points

24/7/365 Physical Security Personnel
Carrier Neutral Data Center
PCI DSS Certified
ISO 9001 & 27001 Compliant
Tier III Certified Facility
24/7/365 NOC SUPPORT


Predictable Performance
Cost allocation from CapEx to OpEx
Service Level Agreement
Easy to use
Easy to deploy
High Availability
IPMI Console
100% of the CPU exclusively
Physically Secured & Isolated
A Selection of Leading Hypervisors

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