Product Description

Product description

Disaster preparedness could make or break a business of any size — lost data results in loss of time, money and resources to restore or recover essential information. More importantly, a significant data loss causes disturbance in daily operations vis-a-vis your clients, that may lead up to a devastating and lasting impact on your company’s financial health.

Have a look at some of the many ways in which CL8 can help you plan, prepare and recover in the event of a disaster with as little damage as possible.

DR Planning

The first step to any recovery is planning; and while most businesses are aware of how critical it is to back up their data (LINK?) to meet their Recovery Point Objective (RPO), they often underestimate the importance of meeting their Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and ensure business continuity. 

Allow us to assist you with your Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) assessment. Discover how you can leverage our services, expert knowledge, IT Infrastructure and office space to create a custom solution that will allow you to meet your RTO and RPO goals.

Disaster Recovery Sites

Regardless if you’re looking for a simple Cold Sites within a highly compliant and secure facility, a more complex Warm Site fit for your particular needs, or a full-on Hot Site mirror backup solution, we have you covered.

How advanced your DR Site should be, depends on a few factors which we can help you assess, such as the downtime period (RTO) and how much data loss can your organisation tolerate without incurring significant consequences.

Office Space

CL8 offers dedicated Disaster Recovery seats, offices, and conference rooms, as well as amenities (lavatories, kitchen space) and computer equipment*, enabling you to proceed with your daily business as usual, with fully functional office space and connectivity when you need it most.

*Subject to availability

Working Space

Redundant equipment and applications can be physically located at our facilities allowing you and your employees to seamlessly resume operations.

Our carrier-neutral status guarantees connectivity bandwidth, providing you with independence, reliability, control and resilience required to maintain operations afloat.

Experts On-Premise 24-7-365

24x7x365 expert management and support. Our highly experienced team is ready to support your mitigation plan, consult you on how to recover and assist you in meeting your recovery objectives, every step of the way.

Unique Selling Points

Tested and proven DR solutions to meet demanding recovery objectives
24x7x365 monitoring and alerting to protect critical systems and data
Cloud-based Enterprise-class business continuity solutions for organizations of any size


  • Automated recovery of protected virtual servers upon declaration of a disaster [optional]
  • Disaster recovery consulting and planning
  • Non-impacting simulated testing for recovery assurance
  • Real-time replication of business-critical data
  • Recovery of critical workloads to CL8 Veeam Cloud Connect and Microsoft Azure

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