Product Description

Product description

Business continuity is reliant on a few critical steps, organizing and securing your critical data assets and resuming operations as quickly as possible, given the scope and severity of the significant business disruption.

Plan Ahead – Disaster Recovery

Disaster may be unavoidable but the damage is preventable. Disaster Recovery is a crucial component of your overall Business Continuity plan, as it focuses on efficiently restoring your organization’s IT infrastructure and operations as promptly and effectively as possible.

Our industry experts can assist you in building a resilient DR plan that will ensure your data and IT infrastructure is backed, secured and available in the event of a disaster. 

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Keep In Check  – Security and Accessibility

Entrust your critical data assets to certified professionals in a secured facility. As the first independent, carrier-neutral, state of the art Tier III Data Center in Cyprus, compliant with ISO9001, ISO27001, and PCI-DSS v3.2 for Physical Security, CL8 keeps your data optimally protected and always accessible.

Persist and Overcome  – Disaster Recovery Seats

Modern business transactions are fast and exigent, meaning that a disruption of only a few hours could have a sizeable impact on the profitability, reputation, financial health and long-term viability of your company.

Thankfully, in addition to hosting your redundant servers in our Data Center, CL8 can allow you to resume fundamental operations within a few short hours of a disaster that may have rendered your primary location unusable. We offer dedicated Disaster Recovery seats, offices, and conference rooms within our top-notch facility, enabling you to proceed with your daily business as usual, with fully functional office space and connectivity when you need it most.

Grant confidence and peace of mind to yourself your stakeholders, regulators, customers and suppliers that their assets are safe and you are prepared and protected from disruption at all times.

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