Product Description

Product description

DDoS attacks bring 91% of organizations to their knees, with downtime that can amount to an average of €250,000 in revenue losses per hour. Which is why, when it comes to mitigating and defending against a DDoS attack, time is of the essence.

Designed to ensure business continuity, with guaranteed uptime, and no performance impact, DDoS Protection secures your assets by automatically blocking attack traffic at the edge, for uninterrupted operation – without the cost of having to scale up in bandwidth.

Obtain unlimited protection against attacks of any size or duration with the DDoS Protection solution offered by CL8. 

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Unique Selling Points

Millions of apps & IPs protected
6 Tbps / 65 billion packets per second (PPS)
44+ globally distributed DDoS scrubbing centers
3-second mitigation SLA against any attack
Unlimited protection against attacks of any size or duration
Works seamlessly with the leading SIEMs
Instant attack notifications (Mail, SMS, and mobile app)
Layer 3/4 and Layer 7 event correlation via Attack Analytics
Network traffic and application analytics

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