Product Description

Product description

Defined by its simplicity & fluidity, OnApp simplifies cloud, allowing us to effectively manage the complexity of a modern business’ IT infrastructure. 

The hybrid cloud world is made simpler with the ability to migrate workloads between clouds and providers with just a few clicks.

Through the OnApp Cloud Platform, CL8 has the capacity to offer pre-configured and custom cloud instances for local and international businesses alike, with your Cloud VPS ready in a few minutes.


Sophisticated CDN – OnApp’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) technology boasts one of the highest numbers of Points of Presence (PoPs).

By building your own CDN with OnApp, you can:

  • Deliver content from your website or mobile application to users faster and more efficiently, by caching and serving visitors based on their geographic location.
  • Extend your reach across the world with 170+ locations on the OnApp Federation, spanning 113 cities in 43 countries, and minimize the chance of having dissatisfied users because of slow service.

OnApp Federation

Deploy and migrate anywhere with access to an on-demand global network infrastructure. OnApp Federation offers PoPs across the world, enabling you to adopt a hybrid cloud model with a combination of your on-premises cloud infrastructure and public cloud resources.

Load Balancer

OnApp employs two key kinds of Load Balancers, Autoscaling Clusters and Load Balancer Clusters – allowing your business to plan ahead for potential growth and consistently meet high traffic demands.

Rapid Deployment

A highly scalable, quick and simple to deploy turnkey tool. While deployment with other similar solutions can take up to several weeks, OnApp resources will typically only take a few minutes.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Secure, self-healing and exceptionally resilient, OnApp clouds offer High Availability support, and disaster recovery options for real-time remote replication and restore.

  • Scheduling, metering and billing for virtual server snapshot backups
  • Deployment of multiple dedicated backup servers as part of your cloud, or using your control panel server.
  • Automatic Hypervisor Failovers (depending on the OS) & Fully Customisable Failover Thresholds
  • Backup plug-ins combining your OnApp cloud with third-party solutions
  • Replication of virtual servers in real-time between two or more of your OnApp cloud locations

Unique Selling Points

24/7/365 Physical Security Personnel
Carrier Neutral Data Center
PCI DSS Certified
ISO 9001 & 27001 Compliant
Tier III Certified Facility
24/7/365 NOC SUPPORT


Admin Control Panel
Native backup options
Role Based access control
Full HTML5 user Interface
Integrated VM console
Application servers
Fully customizable virtual servers
Load balancers
Huge template library
Self Service
Self-healing Storage
Easy to deploy
Easy to use
Highly available
Service Level Agreement

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