Product Description

Product description

Enjoy the benefits of low latency and high throughput to either connect your data centers with a dedicated Layer 2 connection from our Partner Network at pre-negotiated rates with your ISP of choice or find the best possible dedicated internet solution across one or multiple ISPs in the region.


A dedicated internet connection or Dedicated internet access (DIA) is often required for your organization to satisfy the geo-locational challenges and security requirements it may be facing. CL8 maintains low latency, high throughput, redundant connections with most ISPs in the region giving you access to the best possible dedicated internet solutions on the market.

Uses & Advantages:

  • A  private connection between you and the ISP guarantees that the bandwidth you purchase is for your use only. With no other users sharing the connection, the speed advertised is the speed you get.
  • Choose the connection speed that best fits your business, and scale up as your business grows.
  • DIA is extremely reliable, with very few technical issues encountered and ongoing monitoring provided, it’s the perfect fit for organizations that need to be always connected.
  • Safeguarding your network is crucial if you handle sensitive data and having your own network infrastructure guarantees optimal security from outside threats. 
  • Symmetrical DIA services are especially handy if your business requires you to transfer files in both directions, use remote office connections, and access cloud services.


A dedicated Point-to-point, Layer 2 fiber connection will provide you with low latency and high throughput. Exclusive connections with P2P private lines give you access to a high level of security and privacy, allowing you to extend your corporate network, and connect your remote or home offices and branches.

Uses & Advantages:

  • Gain optimum security and privacy for trading or brokerage applications
  • Create interconnection links between offices with Layer 2 Networking by connecting multiple offices spread over a geographical location to one or more data centers.
  • Extend your server room to CL8 over a fast and secured connection with low latency.
  • Allow employees to utilize server/internet resources located at your colocation site.
  • Enhance your security by centralizing IT resources into a central location over a fast link and eliminate exposures introduced at branch offices.

Unique Selling Points


24/7/365 NOC Support
Lowest latencies on the market
ISP equipment termination in your cabinet
99.9% Uptime SLA
Most competitive industry rates (pre-negotiated with ISPs)
Provisioning in hours, not in days or weeks
Instant termination to your cabinet


  • BGP level configuration
  • Configure your gateway network in the way you require
  • Cross Connect
  • Dedicated bandwidth and guaranteed reservation
  • Downgrading / Upgrading speed on demand
  • Redundant links available as an option
  • SLA available from partner providers

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