officially becomes Tier-III certified. An international achievement!

20 . 09 . 16

Tier-III certification proves that the services offered by a data center are at all times available while the uptime of those services are rated at least 99.982%, and at any time CL8 technicians can perform maintenance activities at the data center, without customers noticing any interruption in the service provided to them. In simple words, this certification guarantees no more than 1 and a half of hours of accumulated downtime per year! Examples of infrastructure services required to earn this certification include electricity power delivered to the IT equipment, cooling and environmental control and other complementary services such as internet connectivity services, dedicated servers and cloud storage.

Mate Ivanszky, Advisory to the Board of the Directors of the company stated, “We are excited to announce that we have officially become a Tier-III certified, concurrently maintainable data center by Uptime Institute! This is a major achievement for our organization and our team that has worked with passion and devotion for more than 2 years in order to reach this milestone. The biggest winners of this success however, are our customers that can now enjoy the privilege of having peace of mind because their IT systems are exactly where they should be – in the right hands! This important achievement proves our continuous, non-stop effort and commitment to providing absolute quality services in the market”. is a new datacenter that launched its services in July 2016 and provides data center and cloud services for customers of all sizes from its privately owned, carrier independent data center located in Limassol.

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