D. Zavos Group migrates IT Infrastructure to the cloud

31 . 03 . 17

The D. Zavos Group recently decided to move all its IT infrastructure to the cloud. Their partner of choice was CL8.com.

In an effort to minimize their IT costs and increase their operational efficiency, D. Zavos Group transitioned from the traditional way of providing IT services to their Group to the migration of all their IT infrastructure to the cloud. The Group’s infrastructure consisted of several physical servers, which were located at their premises. With the transition to the cloud, everything works now in a virtual environment with various Virtual Private Servers (VPS), hosted at the CL8 independent state-of-the art TIER III Data Center. They also decided to proceed with the migration of its Exchange Server to a hosted environment, i.e. to the cloud, which would provide the added benefit of security, 24/7 local support with no headaches and lower costs.

Mr. Michalis D. Zavos, Chairman and CEO of the group, said: “We evaluated various options since we had to make a decision whether to buy new hardware or move to the cloud. After carefully considering CL8’s proposal and the benefits provided through their solutions we decided to move to the cloud. The move to the cloud would enable us to reduce our costs, have 24/7 support, scale up or down depending on our need of IT resources and only pay for what we consume. The benefit of having all our data securely hosted at a Data Center with all its international industry certifications was another important factor in our decision”.

Mr. Thomas Hoplaros, CCO of CL8.com, said: “We are delighted to welcome the D. Zavos Group to the cloud era. The move to the cloud will ensure that the Group can take advantage of all the technological advancements of utilizing a state-of-the art Tier 3 Data Center all of which is achievable with a monthly fee and with guaranteed service levels. They will also be able to scale up as their business grows without having to worry about Capital Expenditure for their IT requirements.”

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