Demetris Skourides visits CL8

03 . 04 . 24

Embarking on a journey to explore Cyprus’s vibrant research and technology sector, our distinguished guest, Mr.  Demetris Skourides, recently visited the cutting-edge facilities of CL8 in Limassol.

Mr. Demetris Skourides is the Chief Scientist for Research, Innovation and Technology in The Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF), Chairman of the Board, and a distinguished Leader in promoting and adopting technology in Cyprus.

In the presence of our management team, led by CL8s CTO Michalis Stavrinou, our visitor gained insights into our strategic direction and viewed first-hand why our company is at the forefront of Tech in Cyprus. Mr. Stavrinou elaborated on our offered services in Infrastructure, security solutions, Cloud, data, and consulting.

Mr. Peter Economides, CEO of CL8, expanded on our capability to deliver turnkey solutions tailored to industry needs, showcasing our readiness to collaborate with hyper-scale cloud providers. He also re-assured Mr. Skourides that CL8 is at the disposal of RIF, the Cyprus Government and any other State authority or organisation wanting to utilize the huge capabilities, infrastructure, know-how, and brilliant minds of our company.

Our team finally highlighted the pivotal role of research and innovation in positioning Cyprus as a growing technology and research hub in the region and particularly explained the general framework surrounding artificial intelligence in the economy and the opportunities for advancement provided by the Research and Innovation Foundation.

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