FURUNO Cyprus migrates its IT Infrastructure and ERP system to the Cloud

11 . 08 . 17

FURUNO Cyprus has recently decided to move its IT infrastructure and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to the cloud. Their partners of choice were CL8.com for the IT infrastructure and Xenatus Global for the ERP implementation.

As a primary objective, FURUNO Cyprus wanted to capitalise on the expertise of specialised companies in the IT Infrastructure and Application domain, minimize their IT spending while at the same time increase their operational efficiency. This was achieved in two ways. One was through the transition to a cloud infrastructure combined with the extensive support services of CL8.com and the other was through the implementation of a leading ERP system by Xenatus Professional Services with previous experience in the Shipping Industry.

FURUNO’s IT infrastructure consisted of physical servers, which were located at their premises. With their transition to the cloud environment, FURUNO now has the flexibility to expand its business as it grows without the worry of increasing its IT capital expenditure. The company also has the flexibility to increase or decrease its capacity when is needed.

CL8.com offered FURUNO a hybrid cloud solution for its IT infrastructure. FURUNO’s dedicated servers are hosted at the CL8 independent, state-of-the art, TIER-3 Data Center located in Limassol. In addition to the IT infrastructure migration, FURUNO also decided to move its Exchange Server to the cloud, which would provide the added benefit of security, 24/7 local support with no headaches and with lower costs.

FURUNO also decided to opt for additional mail security protection offered through CL8.com. This will help them secure and control inbound and outbound emails through an easy-to-use cloud-based solution. FURUNO can now protect their people, data, and brand from today’s threats and common nuisances such as impostor email, phishing, malware, spam and bulk mail. Additionally, through the collaboration with Proofpoint, CL8.com can provide leading international cyber security solutions to FURUNO, which will enable the company to protect itself against cyber-attacks.

With the implementation of Microsoft NAV ERP from Xenatus Global, FURUNO would benefit from the automatization of its business processes and it will connect its sales, purchasing, operations, accounting and inventory management. This would provide FURUNO’s management with a 360-degree view of its business. With a comprehensive view of internal and external resources of the organization, FURUNO would be able to benefit from having these business processes integrated and have one central database with no duplication of data. In addition, they would have a single “view of the truth” and an easy-to-use, powerful reporting across the whole organization.  As a subsidiary of a multinational organisation, FURUNO Cyprus will be able to take advantage of the web capabilities of Microsoft NAV to seamlessly integrate with HQ processes in a secure way.

Charalambos Moyseos, FURUNO Cyprus General Manager, said: “We evaluated various options since we had to make a decision whether to buy new hardware or move to the cloud. After carefully considering CL8.com’s and Xenatus Global’s proposals and the benefits provided through their solutions, we decided to move to the cloud. Both of the companies are true professionals in their domain that inevitably will add value to FURUNO Cyprus ”.

Thomas Hoplaros, Chief Commercial Officer of CL8.com, said: “We are excited to welcome FURUNO Cyprus to the cloud era. The move to the cloud will ensure that FURUNO can take advantage of all the technological advancements with guaranteed service levels. We are also delighted to work with Xenatus Global on this project as we feel that the success and uptake of cloud services depends on the ecosystem working together”.

Fouad Chaarani, Managing Partner, Xenatus Global said: “It has been a privilege working with the professional teams from FURUNO and CL8.  FURUNO chose Xenatus to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV to power up their entire organization and to facilitate efficiencies, inter-departments cooperation, reporting and analytics.  Jointly with CL8, the Xenatus team delivered the FURUNO ERP implementation in record time on the CL8 Cloud.  The CL8 team were always there, ready to tackle any technical challenges and provided swift solutions through their team of industry experts and state of the art Data Center. With the current setup of Microsoft Dynamics NAV on the CL8 Cloud, FURUNO should continue to delight their clients with state of the art products and services for years to come.”

FURUNO Cyprus, A member of the globally renowned FURUNO Electric Company, FURUNO Cyprus was established in Cyprus in November 2012. The main objective of FURUNO Cyprus is to provide high-quality service to the shipping industry in Cyprus through the supply of FURUNO Navigation and Communication Products, Spare Parts, Technical Advice, and Professional Services worldwide.

Xenatus Global is a multi-national Microsoft Dynamics NAV/AX/CRM/Dynamics 365 Certified Partner, ISV and the Exclusive Distributor of Dynamics ISV industry add-on solutions. As a supplier of vertical and horizontal add-on solutions to local and regional Microsoft Dynamics Partners, Xenatus Global also provides its Partners and Clients with staff augmentation, subject matter expertise and Cloud hosting services. Our business and technology channels enable us to effectively help you CONCEIVE your solution

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