The Digital Transformation Journey of Architects and Engineers

18 . 05 . 21

In today’s highly competitive business field, it has become more evident than ever that if companies are to survive and grow, they need to be digitally transformed and take advantage of the limitless possibilities offered to them by technology.

How do you complete your day-to-day work and how do you spend your day?
What is the balance between creativity and office work?

Analogue tools are important, however we have the solution to enable you to focus on your core work and balance productivity, customer collaboration, remote work and your core specialization.

  • Microsoft Office 365: Email solution, file storage and collaboration with OneDrive for Business, Teams for conferencing;
  • Offsite back and Disaster Recovery for your data, applications and servers;
  • AutoCAD;
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro and other options;
  • Photoshop software

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