VMware Virtual Data Center (VDC)

18 . 05 . 18

Yet another innovative service from CL8.com, the VMware Virtual Data Center (VDC)

CL8.com dynamically expands its Cloud solutions and services portfolio by offering the CL8 VMware Virtual Data Center (VDC) service to its clientele. Based on the excellent technical training of its personnel and the security and reliability standards of its Data Center infrastructure, CL8.com offers innovative and state-of-the-art solutions in the field of Information Technology.

CL8’s VDC is based on the VMware® vCloud Technology which provides the flexibility of a pay as you go and  pay as you grow consumption model. To set up and run the CL8 VMware VDC service, a small initial investment is required. It can extend customers infrastructure into the cloud immediately and the way in which customer pay on a monthly basis and according to the capacity used, makes the initial investment even lower in the long run. CL8’s VDC offers a high performance and secure multi-tenant cloud infrastructure that allows you to grow based upon your needs and save money.

Additionally, CL8 VDC service can extend customer infrastructure into the cloud using the same VMware tools already being used at customer premises, therefore, development costs are at a minimum.

Vasilis Constantinou, Chief Information Officer of CL8.com, comments: “With great pride, CL8.com adds CL8 VDC to its range of services. With its industry-leading virtualization platform, VMware customers reduce their capital and operating costs, improve flexibility, ensure business continuity, enhance their security and make their business more environmentally friendly. This can be achieved through CL8.com, which is the only company in Cyprus that offers this service. You have a single source of communication for technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week”

About VMware

VMware was founded in 1998, and is an American software company of virtual representation. It is a leading company in the industry, which allows companies to grow faster through the introduction of innovative IT solutions and the modernization of its operations.

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