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Our products

Email Security

CL8’s Email Security offering allows you to protect your email communications with enterprise-grade cybersecurity.

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Website Security

Analyze traffic, stop potential attacks, secure your digital assets and ensure uninterrupted business operations.

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SSL Certificates

Secure your website and gain trust and confidence from your visitors by using SSL Certificates by CL8.

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Firewall Solutions

Find reliable and cost-effective Firewall solutions to protect, monitor and control your network's traffic flow.

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Data Protection on Demand

Simple, cost-effective, and easily manageable, Data Protection on Demand (DPoD) will upscale your Data Protection.

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Protect your digital assets by predicting, preventing, detecting and removing cyber-threats and malware.

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DDoS Protection

Protect your company from a dreaded DDoS attack, with solutions offered by CL8.

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Our products

Awards & Certifications

We pride ourselves in keeping our facilities and staff up to the highest standard, constantly striving to achieve the best possible quality of service for your business – and we have the awards & certifications to prove it.


We have been very fortunate to have worked with some brilliant businesses over the years and are truly grateful for our amazing clients.
Here’s what they have to say about their experience of working with us.


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