Product Description

Product description

CL8’s level of excellence empowers government officials to undertake massive projects, with ease of use and ease of mind. CL8 is the first independent, carrier-neutral, state of the art Tier-III Data Center on the island, with a focus protecting personal data and all related digital assets. Our data center is located in Cyprus, allowing for on-site maximum security and a rapid response for all possible scenarios. Being a Cyprus’ registered company, CL8 abides by all EU strict regulations and standards, and we understand that it is crucial for high-end security and privacy to go hand-in-hand. Cyprus presence and ownership fully comply with Government and Semi-Government requirements and sensitivities to have confidential data and applications hosted in Cyprus.

State-of-the-art data protection

From finding the right firewall solution to secure, monitor and control your network and applications’ traffic flow, to ensuring that your database is secure from hacking, DDOS attacks and other external dangers, CL8’s wide range of products guarantees the absolute best in digital security.

Flexible and adjustable

CL8 offers agile IaaS, hosting and colocation solutions, allowing you to tailor it to your project’s needs. Flexible solutions that can be upgraded or downgraded depending on client requirements means that projects could start as local on a pilot stage but eventually grow nationwide, without any security issues or loss of functionality. We adapt to your project.

CL8 realizes that many government agencies cannot immediately jump to a more technological advanced stage, in a completely Cloud operated environment. We take the technical limitations and discrepancies between agencies into consideration and offer solutions that are adjustable, in Hybrid Infrastructure Models or Private Models. All solutions and services can be adapted and our team of consultants are more than happy to help you determine your project optimum requirements and how the proposed solutions will be adapted in the future.

Cost efficient

CL8’s IaaS solutions makes it easier, faster and more cost-efficient for government agencies to operate any workload without having to handle the overhead of buying, managing and supporting the underlying infrastructure. Our highly available and secure physical and virtualized resources are at your fingertips, available for immediate use.

Keeping your data safe with Private Cloud

CL8’s flexible, customizable and scalable solutions Private Cloud solutions allow you to be confident in expanding your projects, by entrusting your data to a secure, certified and compliant cloud provider. Unlock your organization’s potential, while keeping your data safe in our Uptime Institute Certified Tier III Facility, compliant with PCI-DSS, ISO 9001& 27001 Certifications, as well as 24/7/365 On-site physical security and NOC support.

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Awards & Certifications

We pride ourselves in keeping our facilities and staff up to the highest standard, constantly striving to achieve the best possible quality of service for your business – and we have the awards & certifications to prove it.


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