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The Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry is funding the digital transformation of your business, click to view.

What is digital transformation?
It is not the purchase and deployment of an application! Digital transformation is not a once-off task. It’s a journey, an ongoing process of new procedures, new culture and new technologies. These three factors simultaneously have a positive impact on the business by optimizing operations, empowering employees to improve business deliverables, transforming products/services and helping engage customers in the sales cycle. It involves collecting data from all possible sources.

Why CL8?
Cloud computing offers instantly available computing technology that can be used as needed and then discarded when not. It is available on a pay-as-you-go model, like electric and telephony. The diversity of technology and expertise is increasing and is becoming more complex. Businesses straggle to recruit and maintain experts at reasonable costs. Having access to IT specialists any time, any day, 365 days a year, at a reasonable cost is crucial to the success of the business. Support experts can complement the existing IT team or manage the IT if no internal IT.

Cloudlayer8 can be the business’ strategic partner in Digital Transformation. Our unique capabilities to offer technology as-a-services elevate our deliverable to the top. We offer the technology transformation building block at a reasonable cost justifying the investment.

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