CL8 achieved three awards -BITE22

21 . 07 . 22

CL8 is once again distinguished by BITE22 awards winning three more awards in three important areas.

The Business I.T. Excellence award winners were announced last week and CL8 was again amongst the winners with a Bronze award for VMware Virtual Data Center, a Silver award in Colocation Services and Platinum award for Technical Expertise and Support.

Cloud computing offers instantly available computing technology, which can be used when needed and deleted when not. It is available on a pay-as-you-go model, similar to electricity and telephony. CL8’s VMware VDC delivers high performance and extremely secure multi-tenant cloud infrastructure that allows you to scale up or scale down and adapt according to business needs.

Enterprises move to Private Datacenters and to Cloud because they can’t scale inside their own server room. Colocation is the option to host your own hardware in a state-of-the-art datacenter. Local and international CL8 customers recognize the value of collocations services and utilize them in a number of scenarios. Speed to market by instantly installing their hardware, which enables their business objectives and digital transformation.

CL8 achieved the Technical Expertise and Support award, as it engages with the customer prior to making a decision, by consulting, designing, proofing and testing the proposed solution and subsequently offering after sales support. This is the real added value a customer gets from CL8. The company proactively supports the business IT infrastructure to run without any disruptions. This means that the company focus on planning, deploying technology according to the industry’s best practices and implementing regular maintenance and health check activities.

The Business Development Manager of CL8 Theodosis Theodosiou pointed out the awards is the result of the expertise, the experience, the clever and hard work of all CL8 employees and management. The awards reflect our passion for technology and customer centric culture. All three categories determine the success of customer’s digital transformation.

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