JCC PAYMENT SYSTEMS and CL8 Cooperation – Electronic Signatures

14 . 01 . 21

The cooperation of CL8 with JCC can deliver value to a business by “digitalizing” the signature process. The SigningHub solution is designed to quickly optimise the way businesses deliver, review, approve and sign their business documents. It provides easy access to sign documents efficiently and securely using qualified electronic signatures, saving organisations huge amounts of time and money.

Paper-based ink signing is neither efficient non practical nowadays when digital transformation is the only way to success. Digital signature is the future.

SigningHub utilises qualified electronic signatures issued by JCC to guarantee legal enforceability, traceability and accountability and provide evidence that electronic documents are signed by a particular person at a specific date and time and without any document changes. JCC qualified electronic signatures are certified under eIDAS regulation (EU 910/2014) and are recognised in all EU countries as legally equivalent to handwritten signatures.

SigningHub users can review and sign documents from any location, on any device and at any time. Functionality includes advanced document workflows, bulk signing of multiple documents, documents approval and status tracking. Organisations have the option of integrating and embedding the SigningHub functionality easily within their own business application, by using a complete set of Application Program Interfaces (APIs).


CL8 is the first carrier neutral, state of the art Tier III Data Center in Cyprus offering cutting-edge Data Center and Cloud Services.

JCC Payment Systems is the leading digital payment service provider and the first Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) in Cyprus under the eIDAS regulation, offering qualified certificates for electronic signatures for natural persons and for natural persons associated with a legal person, as well as qualified electronic seals for legal entities. JCC QTSP is listed in the EU Trusted List since 1st February 2019.

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