ZEBRA & CL8 Partnership – Red Hat Services and Support

17 . 11 . 20

Covid-19 has forced businesses, from the smallest to the largest, to adapt the digital transformation to their businesses and invest in their digital business environment.

Through the various fluctuations caused by the pandemic, a new trend was observed: the desire for better software, which responds more quickly to the market.  IT departments are looking for ways to manage costs and risk.  The problem for small or large organizations is that they have to achieve these goals and maintain their existing business activities at the same levels of profitability.

Given the above but also the urgent need for innovative and secure IT solutions, ZEBRA and CL8 have joined forces to provide high quality services related to the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (OCP).  The aim of this cooperation is to face the new reality with new profitable solutions that meet the new needs.

OCP enables digital transformation by regulating developer productivity in the development and management of public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud applications. OCP provides IT departments with easy access to resources and their development goals. As a complete container platform based on Kubernetes, OCP provides businesses with automated functions for increased security and easy-to-use clustering. OCP with the microservices architecture, has the ability to split the application into independent components, which gives the development team a huge flexibility in reusing the code in various other projects.

CL8 is the first carrier neutral, state-of-the-art Tier-3 Data Center in Cyprus, offering innovative Data Center and Cloud services.

ZEBRA is the only certified Red Hat Premier Business Partner in Cyprus offering qualitative Red Hat solutions and services in various markets.

For a free account and trial of the OCP platform, you may send an email at sales@zebrac.com or at info@cl8.com.

For further information or clarifications you may call at +357 22028128 or visit www.zebrac.com/redhat.

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