Managed DDoS Protection Cloudflare’s Magic Transit

16 . 05 . 22

CL8 is now happy to announce the offering of Managed DDoS Protection Cloudflare’s Magic Transit L3/L4 DDoS protection to customers in the region, whether located within the datacenter or not. We are now offering the service in two modes providing a solution to all types of customers in the region for volumetric DDoS attack mitigation.

The CL8 managed DDoS protection service, powered by Cloudflare Magic Transit and delivered by CL8 offers one of the industry leading DDoS protection solution with the following highlighted features:

  • Anycast technology ensures no latency added to your connectivity
  • Always On protection, no failovers, failbacks, or switchover downtimes
  • No bandwidth cap or limitation
  • Hardware agnostic solution, no capital need for purchasing equipment
  • Service delivered to your edge routers over L1, L2 or L3 connectivity
  • No BGP or Public IP address requirements
  • No hidden costs or any charges beyond the monthly service fee
  • Low onboarding cost & configuration
  • Alerting or DDoS event and mitigation
  • Analytics dashboard for investigation
  • 24/7 support
  • 30-day trial & proof of concept available

The service is offered in two different mode options.

Option 1: CL8 Bridge Mode Solution – protects traffic to customers connected or hosted to CL8.
Option 2: CL8 Direct Mode solution – protects traffic to customers anywhere, without any CL8 dependencies.

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