How organizations can achieve Work-From-Anywhere?

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Our Value Proposition

For IT organizations to truly meet the needs of today’s distributed workforce, you need an integrated solution that includes key elements of Unified Endpoint Management, Desktop and App Virtualization, Secure Access Service Edge, and Endpoint Security technologies.

CL8’s VMware Anywhere Workspace Solutions are unique in providing this holistic approach. No other vendor delivers a convergent infrastructure that allows for connected visibility and context across all vectors, ensuring that security coverage is broader and more effective, following users, data, and apps wherever they are. CL8 with VMware technologies leverages these synergies to simplify processes with optimized, intelligent workflows that allow IT to drive business outcome, reduce tools and silos as well as operational overhead. CL8’s VMware Anywhere Workspace Solutions not only promote business agility, but also help organizations lower the friction between technology and employees, supporting an evolution from frustrated, disjointed experiences to great, well-orchestrated experiences enabled by intuitive, integrated technology.

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